Task Actions

ATTENTION: A SINGLE LICENSE provides an access to Task Actions...

ATTENTION: A SINGLE LICENSE provides an access to Task Actions Server for a SINGLE USER. If you need to get an access for more than one user you should buy the appropriate number of licenses for each user.

Modern business operation requires comprehensive task management and workforce distribution over multiple projects. It is obvious that choosing old-fashioned paper and pen approach for complex task management leads to stagnation and as a result overall business performance decreases significantly.

In the age of computers he who chooses the right solution succeeds in business and beats the competition. That is exactly the reason why many open-minded managers turn their heads towards innovative software solutions that allow automated project and personnel control.

However, choosing the right software may be quite a challenging task. There are numerous solutions on the market ranging from primitive project tracking applications to monstrous programs that require dedicated staff to operate the system.

Operating costs are also ranging from several hundreds dollars to hundreds thousands dollars a year. Introducing Task Actions by Fairdell Software, the unique business operations management software suite that is scalable, completely customizable, easy to use and cost effective!

Task Actions utilizes client-server model to implement project management on the enterprise allowing the person in charge manage projects as well as staff and whole departments involved in completing a project.

The server part provides intuitive way to organize work distribution model using visual tools while the client modules installed on employees machines allow for project tracking and staff communications.

Thanks to advanced technologies utilized in this software it is possible to create hierarchical interdependent task trees of any complexity and for virtually any possible project that may exist on an enterprise.